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MoU with BDU - IECD

Bharathidasan University was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1982 through the Bharathidasan University Act, 1981. It is situated in Tiruchirappalli.

The university started functioning with effect from February 4, 1982. Bharathidasan University has established the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD) in 2004, for promoting entrepreneurship and career development amoung the students and non – students youth.

From Left to Right
Dr. Parthasarathy – Director, IECD
Dr. Paul Chellakumar – Chairman Campus Abroad
Mr. R.J.A. Raj – Chairman SIMPRA
Dr. Ponnavaiko - Vice chancellor BARD
Dr. T. Ramaswamy Registrar BARD

It is a flexible skill-based training center for enriching the current as well as dropped-out and passed –out students.

This Memorandum of Understanding entered into an agreement on 11/06/2009 at Tirchirapalli between Bharathidasan University’s institute for Enterpreneurship and career Development (IECD), an institution, imparting and offering vocational education courses, located at Khajamalai, Tiruchirappalli – 620 023 (hereinafter referred to as “University’s IECD”), representing by the Registrar of Bharathidasan University and the Director of IECD, Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context means and include its successors and assigns of the ONE PART. Wherever the word university’s IECD comes in this MoU it implies Bharathidasan University’s Institute for Entrepreneurships and career Development.

SHARMILA INSTITUTE OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS RESEARCH ACADEMY (SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL), (herein after referred to and called as “SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL”) No: 203, Medical College Road, Thanjavur- 613007 is offering certificate in Herbal Medicine, P.G. Diploma in Clinical research management, P.G. Diploma in Bio informatics, Advanced P.G.Diploma in Bio-Technology Management courses. SIMPRA Fulfils these requirements, on one hand, it assist in developing technical competencies of the students in their chosen field of specialization and on the other hand, it provides opportunities to enter into the new emerging areas where there are growing Job opportunities and serve shortage of manpower. SIMPRA Finishing School has been designed as a gateway for professional careers in emerging technologies for young graduates and focused towards providing training using ultra modern and innovative technology. Having its prime objectives of creating industry-ready, productive professionals in the filed of Bio-technology, clinical Research Management and emerging technologies in the global context and has fostered several academic industrial alliances and the students are exposed to the state of the art are hardware and software tools. The aim of this program is to equip today’s graduates to serve as tomorrows technocrats and policy decision makers for imparting world class education and training for developing creative expressions in the minds of youth in the fields of information technology, Medical, Pharmacy and Science. It aims to provide re skilling and up skilling programs for fresh graduates from colleges and universities so as to make them job ready and assist the learners to access, store, retrieve and reuse implicit and explicit knowledge to power the competency in a knowledge based eco-system. SIMPRA is directed towards the most topical issues in medicinal plants, genetics and biotechnology. In population genetics, the institute deals with the stuffy of hybridology relations, genetic polymorphism and biodiversity of selected medicinal plant science. SIMPRA is also a recongnized organization to guide M.Phil., and Ph.D. research and maintains close collaboration with universities on academic activity.

Thus, the SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL, has created an opportunity for today’s youngsters by providing scope for employment in the industry/ Job Market. M/S. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL (SFS), is represented herein by Thiru. R.J. Antony Raj, Chairman (herein after referred to and called as “M/S.SIMPRA FINISHING SHOOL”, which expression shall unless repugnant to the context mean and include its successors and assigns of the OTHER PART). To carry the work and responsibilities contemplated in this MoU, in a more efficient manner, Officer of M/S. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL. NO; 203, Medical College Road, Thanjavur-613 007 may be changed, to any place in Thanjavur under intimation to University’s IECD.

This MoU is valid for three years from the date of first mentioned here in above.

The University’s IECD has intended to provide an opportunity to the Students/Entrepreneurs/Work Force/Rural –Urban youth/Professionals at all levels to acquire skills by imparting Certificate/Post-Graduate Diploma/Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Courses/ Programmes in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Clinical Research and herbal Medicine.

The Parties have had preliminary discussions in this matter and ha ve ascertained areas of broad consensus. The parties now, have therefore, agreed to enter in writing these areas of consensus, under a Memorandum of Understanding .
Now this Memorandum of Understanding witnesses that:

The University’s IECD in collaboration with SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL shall offer the following courses:
ourse Fee Rs
Certificate in Herbal Medicine
Pass in 10 th”Std and Above
3 Month
P.G. Diploma in Clinical Research Management
Graduates or Post Graduates in Life
/Microbiology/Genetics /Biotech/Pharmacy
or Pharmacedutical Sciences/Medicine/Nursing /Chemistry with
Bioscience as a subject, during
graduation/Ayurveda & Homoeopathy
One Year
P.G.Diploma in Bioinformatics
Graduates/ Postgraduates in Life
Sciences/Information Science/ Computer
and Statistics or Pharmacy and Medicine.
One Year
Advanced P.G. Diploma in Bio-Technology Management
Post-Graduates in any subject of Life
Science/Chemistry or PG degree in
One Year
The above Course fees/other fees of the respective courses may be revised as and when required by the mutual consent of the IECD and M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL.

The classes for the Certificate courses,Post Graduate Diploma & Advanced Post Graduate courses shall be considered as Non-Semester pattern.


Prospectus for Certificate /Post Graduate Diploma/Advanced Post Graduate Diploma programs courses run in collaboration with M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL will be prepared by M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING, bearing the seal and logo of Bharathidasan University for the approval of IECD. Prospectus will be free on demand. Interested students, based on the information available in the Prospectus, take DD/PO for Application Fees of Rs.350/- in favour of the Director, IECD. On acceptance of Demand Draft/ pay order either By M/s .SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL, or IECD, the Application Form along with Prospectus will be issued.

Admission for the Certificate/Post Graduate Diploma & Advanced Post Graduate Diploma & Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Course(s) shall be open to the candidates from all over India with a minimum required qualification, as mentioned above.

Filled in applications as received from the prospective candidates will be received by M/S. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL, No:203, Medical College Road, Thanjavur-613 007.

Admission tests/interviews will be held by M/S. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL. The list of selected students shall be forwarded to IECD for consideration and approval. On receipt of approval from IECD, fees shall be collected by M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL or IECD directly, either in one go or in instalments, as detailed elsewhere in this MoU.

The Course fees as fixed by the University’s IECD and collected by M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL on behalf of the University shall be shared in the Ratio of 25:75, between University’s IECD and collected by M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL on behalf of the initial period of three years from the date of signing the MoU.The fee shall be collected from the students in the form of demant drafts/ Pay order drawn in favour of “The Director, IECD, Bharathidasan University”, Payable at Tiruchirapalli- 6200 023. The share due to M/s. SIMPRA FINISHING SCHOOL will be paid by the IECD on submission of Demand Drafts along the last date for receipt of filled in applications and DD for admission, as single full payment of course fee.

Course fee may be refunded before the date of course commencement or within one week after course commencement, if the reason for refund of course fee is reasonable.

The collection of course fee for certificate/ Post Graduate Diploma/ Advanced Post Graduate course(s) can be either in full or in two equal installments.

This Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 11th June 2009 at Bharathidasan University by Registrar, BARD, IECD Director, and Chairman, SIMPRA Finishing School.


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